Monday, July 29, 2013

First posting.

I wanted to start this blog for the same reason that everyone else starts a blog (well, I hope so at least): I like writing about what I love. And, I love the ocean. I pretty much love everything about it, except for its exploitation, acidification and plasticization (Is that even a word?)(I think it is.) and all the myriad ways it's being used/polluted by, well, US.  Still, even that is somewhat fascinating to me as a future scientist. Will we be able to solve the problems presented to us? Or will it become much like chasing our tail: no matter how many solutions we find, so many more are left to challenge us?

Regardless, I decided that rather than take an academic look at things I'm not really prepared to look at yet, I'd start simply: I'd chronicle my academic life while finishing up my BS in Marine Science. What better way to start thinking about the things I'm learning while also, hopefully, inspiring people (especially people my age! *cough*) to take an interest in the ocean, to take an interest in science, and hopefully participate in caring for the ocean on an individual level, as well.

What will be on this blog: talk about classes, class content, field work, interesting facts about ocean organisms or processes, and very occasionally, college-related talk.

What won't be on this blog: super-personal information or other awkward hyper-political non-topic related discussion. I do know that some subjects are considered controversial to the general public right now, like climate change, but to me, this is not something I am going to quibble with someone over while I'm just a student. A vast majority of clever and wise climate scientists have concluded that this event/series of events is something I, as a student of Marine Science, should be concerned with-- and so I will be.

In any case, what comes out of this blog will be my personal insight and learning path that will lead me from question to question on my quest to become a rookie scientist. I have a long way to go, so hopefully there will be some amazing learning going on starting on August 26, 2013.