Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Day Back!

So, the first day back is over! The GIS/GPS class looks like it's gonna be challenging but fun. Physics on the other hand is going to be one of the biggest drags of the semester. I can barely understand the prof and...well....let's just see how my math is after a few years of not really using it much!  Waiting to see what Sci Communication is like tomorrow and then a taste of Marine bio on friday, among other things. I have my first exam on the 31st, so the semester is shaping up to be challenging, to say the least.

So, now I have to find my center again and stop worrying about stuff like "should I buy this book or save the money for food"?

Still, all is good. Saw some friends throughout the day, and it made me happy that all of them called out to me even before I saw them.

It's time to buckle down and start doing my physics reading and homework already!

If anyone wants to bring me on as an intern or volunteer for something, I'd love to fill out an app -- I'm trying to get a little more experience under my belt this semester or next summer in preparation for applying to grad schools.

I'll talk a little more about marine bio in my next post!

Three months later?!?!

I learned three things this past semester: stats is hard, cell bio is hard, and two weeks of finals is enough to make a soft person into a hard person. :) However, not all was bad. In fact, I ended up with all As except a sad little B+ in Cell Bio. Fair enough - those were some demanding and awesome classes, though.

I thought I was going to spend winter break getting ahead, reading, doing Important Things - but instead, I ended up on the couch playing video games and socializing with friends. It's really what I needed: a complete mind break. I caught the flu soon after arriving home and was ill over christmas and new years (and of course, the flu shot i got was not the strain that I ended up getting!), so I only had a few weeks of generally good health -- and spent it happily running over people in GTA5.

Now, I'm back - and it's in the wee hours before going back to school: I'd totally ruined my sleep schedule, so i'll pay for this dearly this week I believe.

This semester's classes are as follows:
Marine Bio + Lab
Physics for Biologists + Lab
Science Communication

It's a pretty hefty load for only 16 units - I'll be in class for 22 hours a week; studying for most of the other time or, hopefully, interning or volunteering somewhere -- and participating in the marine science club or the garden club or even the science club. Somewhere in there I'll also be on a fitness routine I call my 100 days: for 100 days I'll be walking at least a mile a day (hopefully ramping up with time) and eating well - last semester things just devolved into ramen and egg burritos and I felt nastayyyyyyy at the end of it.  I also plan to take advantage of peaceful hours of forced artistic craftiness in order to keep my sanity.

So, that's that. I'll update more about what i actually learned when it's not 2am....before a 9am class. ;)